Dr. Who fans, which is your favorite villain/monster and why?

Trying to take an informal poll for an article I’m working on, thanks!

When I win a travel grant the covers all of my expenses *and* leaves me $100 of drini

Every time I enter a room

Every time I enter a room

When I win a travel grant that will pay all my travel expenses *and* leave me $100 of drinking money for the conference

When I win a travel grant that will pay all my travel expenses *and* leave me $100 of drinking money for the conference

Anonymous said: I was surprised by your criticism of OITNB's season 3 promo. That show already so thoroughly fetishizes and distorts prison life that a jokey reference to solitary in its ad campaign hardly seems beyond the pale.

Well, when I saw the promo, I had never actually watched the show (obviously I’m familiar with my premise since people had been telling me to watch the show ever since it came out, but no extra $$$$ for a netflix account.  It popped up on my facebook news feed and I was, I think justifiably, horrified.

When I was a kid, a lot of adults warned me not to get caught in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” The problem is that, when you’re Black, “the wrong place” is the United States, and the “wrong time” is anytime.
Khury Petersen-Smith

Anonymous said: people are literally being murdered, but your life is soooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrd because you have to meat deadlines? fuck off

No, you fuck off.

I just got back from ‪#‎Ferguson‬, where they issued a state of emergency and curfew to give cover to a crackdown. A quote from a young man I met during a march this evening:

"That cop’s in hiding, but he’s freer than we are. We’re protesting, but we ain’t free."

If the cops really wanted to avoid confrontation tonight, all they had to do was arrest the cop they know killed ‪#‎MikeBrown‬. Instead, they ignored community demands, trampled on people’s rights, and unleashed more violence.

As another protester said to me:

I’ve been out here the last three days, and it’s always peaceful until the cops show up.  You saw it back there, we’re grilling, people having a good time, talking, building community.  It’s the police.  They’re the ones causing the violence.  Thursday they didn’t come out and nothing happened….I heard about the curfew, but I’m not leaving.  They can’t tell me to go inside and then shoot tear gas at us while we’re on our front lawns.  So I’m staying out.  If they want war, they can have it.”

‪#‎Solidarity‬ with Ferguson

With the exception of the Ferguson demonstrations over the weekend, I need to lock myself in the apartment, disconnect from social media, and write for a solid week in order to meet my deadlines. Send the good vibes, because that’s a shit ton of writing (professionally accepted terminology) to get done in 10 days. See you on the other side.

Y'all feel me on being a woman in academia, am I right?

Yeah, I'm a Marxist historian and social theorist and I'm sick as fuck of cis-dudes thinking their penis gives them insight into Das Kapital. Working to build a left where Marxist-Feminist is redundant.

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